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If you are facing an MIP charge at Grand Valley State University you need to take your case very seriously. The main GVSU campus is served by the 58th District Court located in Hudsonville, Michigan. The district court judge is the Honorable Kenneth Post. You only need to do a Google search of his name and you will find out very quickly that you need to have a skilled defense attorney by your side at all times.

Get the Facts and Dispel Rumors

As college students at GVSU, there is an abundant amount of information on MIP cases, starting with your initiation to GVSU. However, we urge every parent and college student to contact our office immediately so that we can give you the honest facts about how the court handles MIP cases and dispel many of the rumors that can have a lasting impact on you or your child’s future.

Here are just some of the facts about an MIP case at GVSU:

  • The initial arraignment can be one of the most important dates in your case due to how the court clerks and the judge handle MIP cases
  • A diversion program IS available but certainly not guaranteed and you still need an attorney to help guide you through the process
  • You will need to post a cash bond at your initial arraignment
  • You MAY need to drug test and need to be honest about your use in the past 30 days

Here are some of the rumors that fly around campus and the social media sphere:

  • I should just plead guilty and “get it over with” so my parents do not find out…WRONG!
  • I can pay my bond with a credit or debit card so I am okay…WRONG!
  • I do not think I will test dirty and hope it is out of my system…WRONG!
  • The diversion program is not available or it is too tough to get through…WRONG!
  • An MIP case will not REALLY affect my future so I am good to go…VERY WRONG!

Get Your Questions Answered

If you want to know exactly how to handle your MIP case at GVSU, contact attorney Ray Purdy today for a FREE consultation. He works regularly in the 58th District Court in Hudsonville and knows the court staff and has the respect of Judge Post. He will answer all of your questions and make sure you understand the court procedure and how to proceed with your case.

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