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Judge Post

There are many rumors that swirl around GVSU about Judge Post. We would ask every student at Grand Valley State University to disregard anything you may have heard about the Hudsonville court and Judge Post and consider the facts as you embark on your MIP case.

Myth #1 – Judge Post Will Not Grant a Diversion

This is simply not true. While there certainly was a time period where he was on the record saying he will not give any diversion or HYTA, that stance has changed. The court now provides an avenue for diversion. While it is certainly not guaranteed and it is very difficult, it can be achieved if you are willing to pay the price.

Myth #2 – I can fight my charges and apply for diversion at the end

Judge Post has placed a restriction, in writing, that you are to request the diversion program at your initial pretrial conference or arraignment. While this may be challenged, it is still the policy of the court and you will need an attorney to review your case and give you the best option for your individual circumstances.

Myth #3 – Judge Post no longer requires drug testing

It is well documented that Judge Post had a problem with an attorney that asserted the 5th amendment on behalf of his client when asked about drug testing. He placed the attorney in jail and was later given a 30 day suspension from the bench for this and other conduct. However, he still asks every defendant if they will test clean or dirty as a means to establish the validity of setting a bond. Marijuana stays in your system for 30 days, and lying is not a good idea. He may not ask EVERY defendant to drug test, but you should be prepared to drug test and you could face contempt of court and jail time if you lie to the judge.

Get the facts before you go to court and retain an attorney that knows the truth about the 58th District Court and how Judge Post runs his courtroom and his diversion requests.

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