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Michigan MIP Arraignment for GVSU Students

If you go to Grand Valley State University and have an appearance date for a Michigan MIP, your initial arraignment experience will be different than any court statewide. The 58th District Court in Hudsonville will not adjourn your initial arraignment date, and they will conduct a pretrial conference that same day if you plead not guilty.

Initial Arraignment Explained

Your first court date, usually on a Wednesday morning or Friday morning if it is a “round up day”, is called an arraignment. This simply means that you will be read your charges, the maximum possible penalty, and then asked to plead guilty, not guilty, or stand mute. However, that is where the similarities end with the arraignment process in Hudsonville.

58th District Court Arraignment

Judge Post will call everyone into the courtroom and if it is packed enough parents and friends will be asked to stay outside. He will then call a set number of students to line up around the bench and will call each person up one by one to answer how they plead. Depending on your answer, he may launch into questions about where you stay, work and your past record. He will also inquire about drug use and dishonesty could land you in jail. You must know exactly how to request a shot at the diversion program and you need to be prepared to pay a cash bond or else you could sit in jail as well.

You must have all of your affairs in order BEFORE the initial arraignment. This includes deciding whether or not to hire an attorney to represent your interests. If you decide to plead not guilty and are able to pay the bond, the court conducts a pretrial conference with the prosecuting attorneys THAT day! In addition, the court’s paperwork makes you decide on that day whether or not you want to challenge the case or try for the diversion program. Bottom line is that you should have an attorney by your side that knows the court system and most importantly…Judge Post.

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