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Michigan MIP Diverson Program for GVSU

The Michigan MIP Statute provides for a statutory diversion program for first time offenders. This can include a term of probation, substance abuse screening and treatment, fines and costs, community service and other terms and conditions. The statute has been amended to make it tougher to qualify for a diversion. The Michigan legislature has included prior juvenile diversion programs as a prior offense and this could disqualify a person for diversion.

58th District Court Diversion Program

If you plan on applying for the diversion program that is currently offered by the court and Judge Post, be prepared for quite an odyssey. It is our opinion that you need an attorney to make sure that this process goes smoothly from the very beginning.  Some of the things to be prepared for that could hurt your chances for a diversion:

  • Your initial drug test needs to be clean and it stays in your system for 30 days
  • You need to say all the right things at the initial arraignment to even have a chance to qualify
  • You need to pay the cash bond to stay out of jail
  • You will need to plead guilty first before any consideration will be given for your request…at the arraignment!
  • You need to do all the required community service and have it approved by prosecutors
  • You need to not have ANY other charges at all, including juvenile
  • You cannot have any prior diversions of any kind (you will have to sign an affidavit and swear under oath)
  • You will need to get your State Police criminal records checked
  • You will need a copy of your driving record
  • You will need a parent letter that complies with the court’s requirement

All of these considerations can be skillfully handled by an attorney that knows the court system at the 58th District Court and what Judge Post is looking for when considering a diversion request.

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